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Why Lionel Messi is struggling at Barcelona under Quique Setien

The headline says it all, Lionel Messi is struggling to score goals or provide assists for his teammates to score goals. Messi is the heart beat of Barcelona and once that heart slows down or no longer works, the whole team suffers.

Under Quique Setien, Messi’s level have dropped drastically. He has managed just 16 goals {28} in all competition which is far below the 40 goals a season he usually scores. For the past 10 season, Messi have scored 40 or more goals, a fate not even Cristiano Ronaldo have managed to achieve.

Messi drop in form is tied to Setien’s desire to stick with a old and outdated concept of possession football that depends on the movement and slick passing of the midfield trio which is slow. The slow build play can’t break down teams anyone, especially team s that play very compact and drop very deep to defend.

Or, a against teams that gegen press with power and pace.

Once Barcelona lose the ball in midfield, the opposition team counter attacks and score due to the lack of pace in the midfield to close down fast attackers.

Added to that, Setien’s team is not flexible and adaptable. The manager has failed woefully to inculcate $ 112m signing Antoine Griezmann into the first team. The french man is struggling to play his best football due to position he currently playing.

Just like Philippe Coutinho, Griezmann occupies the left forward role despite lacking the pace, trickery or crosses to strive in that position. Griezmann plays better as a second striker or as an attacking midfielder with lots of space to operate with.

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Sadly at Barcelona, Messi is the only player allowed to drift in and out of midfield and not Griezmann.

The manager’s inability to fix the lapses in the team remains the sole reason Messi is struggling and Barcelona’s overall display is pathetic.

Fixing the problem isn’t just making Messi happy alone by telling jokes or buying him or his kids fancy stuff.s Its getting the whole team believing that Setien’s ideas and methods can work. Accepting that the assistant manager Eder Sarabia has more to offer to the team and listening to him.

Once everybody can get into the same the train and believe in each others abilities, Messi and Barcelona will a title this season.

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