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3 reasons why Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo should win the Ballon d’Or

For 11 consecutive season, Cristiano Ronaldo have been shortlisted to win the prestigious Ballon d’or. The attacker strongly believes he is the greatest of all time and has proven his remarkable qualities by breaking countless records and outscoring his opposition.

Ronaldo wants to win his 6th Ballon d’or and go level with Messi but the question remains, is Cristiano Ronaldo the world’s best player at the moment?

Ronaldo broke 3 records this season– Ronaldo is the highest goal scorer international football and the European Championship with 14 goals.

He is also the highest goal scorer in history with 795 goals in all competitions. He is without doubt, the greatest goal scorer in history.

Consistency and ambition- Ronaldo is still one of the most consistent striker’s in the world despite reahcing the crux of his career. He is also very ambitious and determined to achieve goals irrespective of the limitations and discouragement.

Ronaldo won trophies with Juventus and broke records with Portugal– Cristiano Ronaldo won two trophies with Juventus and finished as the league’s highest goal scorer. He might have joined Manchester United but he was simply sensational for Juventus and Portugal were he broke unbelievable records.

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