Manchester United

Ronaldo reveals 2 things Manchester United must start doing differently

Cristiano Ronaldo has called on his teammates to raise up and brace up to the challenges after watching them lose grounds on league table.

Ronaldo feels Manchester United do have a wonderful team to compete with the best in the league and in Europe but, he feels the team have to change two things.

The 36-years-old wants Manchester United players to reeducate themselves on their respective roles in the team.

His own job is to score goals and support the younger or senior players with whatever they want.

Secondly, the manager must work assiduously on the present team and find ways to bring the best out of them. The present team is what needs to be improved and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to inculcate his tactics on them if they’re serious about winning trophies.

Manchester United can win trophies this season but they need the players and manager to understand themselves quickly.

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