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Undefeated: Why Liverpool’s biggest challenge will be themselves

What a season this is turning out to be for Liverpool who are breaking records and setting new ones. The manager is pumped up, the players are dedicated to the course while the fans just can’t stop singing joyfully before and after matches.

Liverpool are now the only Premier League team yet to lose a single Premier League matches this season and there’s a strong possibility they will replicate Arsenal’s 2002 invincible team.

But achieving that fate won’t be easy cause complacency will certainly creep in judging from their past record.. Right now, the players are doused with the hysteria of success having defeated 6 of their 9 opponents including an unbelievable victory against Manchester United.

How they continue from that victory over Manchester United will determine how the season will fare?

Can Liverpool really continue winning games with intensity and vigour or will they crumble over the sheer weight of expectation?

Only time will tell.

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