5 things Antonio Conte will bring to Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur have finally signed one of the best managers in the world in Antonio Conte. The Seria A winning manager brings a rich vein of experience to the team as well as the fighting spirit required to lift the biggest trophies in Europe.

Conte arrival is the start of something special in Spurs and this is why:

A pragmatic but equally effective playing formation- Antonio Conte will change Spurs tactical line up once he is given the job. The Italian will employ a 3-5-2 or a 3-4–1-2 formation in all of his games.

Titles will be won- Wherever Antonio Conte goes so those trophies follow him. If given the right resources to sign his own brand of footballers, Conte and his brilliant staffs will win the Premier League title. Believe me, Conte is that good.

Tops players will want to play for Tottenham– Conte wins trophies and that is what top players want. The best players in Europe will now want to play and win trophies with Spurs.

Fire sell this January or in the summer- Spurs are expected to sell at least eight players this January or in teh summer. The reason of doing so is simply because Antonio Conte what only warriors and not men who give excuses time after time.

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