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Worst than Koman: 3 reasons why Xavi Hernandez could fail at Barcelona

Look whose in the dug out! Its Xavi Hernandez, one of Barcelona’s iconic player who has won it all with both club and country. His return to Barcelona is certainly joyous as well as memorable but, no one should be carried away that easily.

He is expected to turn a bunch of average players into world class and if he fails, he will be humiliated like Ronald Koeman.

The pressure to succeed instantly will suffocate him- Under Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona is expected to succeed beyond expectation and give no excuses He must win games or be judged on the same pedestal as Ronald Koeman

No will remains his past heroics if Barcelona don’t win games and then titles

The quality of players- Ronald Koeman was perfectly right when he said Barcelona’s current team was far too inferior to the team in played with in 1988 under Crufyy or the one that played under Pep Guardiola from 2008-2012 after then Luis Enrique in 20014-2016.

In fact, they’re far inferior to the team that played under Ernesto Valverde.

Xavi will not win anything with the present Barcelona team and it will be crazy expecting him to win consecutive games while playing tiki taka football. Barcelona don’t have the quality of players to achieve that fate.

The Spanish media– Every speech, decision or action taken by Xavi Hernandez will be scrutinize by the Spanish media until he is fired. His team must win consecutive games or, he face the risk of been asked stupid question especially when ‘he thinks he will be fired’

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