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5 clubs Cristiano Ronaldo could join when he departs Manchester United this summer

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly has a clause in contract with Manchester United which allows him to leave at the end of the season if they fail to finish in the top 4. Without Champions League football, Ronaldo is free to walk away.

If he those choose the option to walk, Ronaldo still have the ample opportunity of joining 5 of the best clubs in the world.

He could join PSG and finally play with Lionel Messi his old adversary or move back to Real Madrid where he is the club’s greatest player.

Or, maybe move to Barcelona and completely unsettle Real Madrid and their fans.

But, Ronaldo will likely be moving to Sporting Lisbon where he is worshipped or join David Beckham’s Inter Miami where he has a big chance of landing movie roles.

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