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Bringing back the past: Why Xavi Hernandez must think forward and not backward with Barcelona

Xavi Hernandez return to Camp Nou permanents glory and instant success. His presence alone reminds everyone how good Barcelona was and the success they managed to achieve with him, Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquet, Lionel Messi and others.

Back then Barceloan was in another level and Xavi was the brain behind it.

But, bringing him back to replicate those successful years will demand more than just bringing back familiar faces.

Davi Alves is without doubt Barcelona’s greatest right back having amassed 391 appearances and scored 23 goals. In fact, Alves won 23 trophies with Barcelona and went on to become the world’s most decorated player with 43 trophies.

His success is incredible but bringing back a 38-year-old defender to help take Barcelona back to the glory days is no good riddance to the club.

Nor is the attempt to bring back Thiago Alcantara whose best days seems to be long gone.

Barcelona needs to rebuild their squad from the scratch by finding the right mix in attack, midfield and defense. They also need a game changer who can provide the final pass or score the winning the goal. A player like Raheem Sterling will make a lot of difference.

Alves, Thiago, Olmo or whoever Barcelona want to bring back might look good on paper but the truth remains that none of this players can bring instant success to the club.

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