Lionel Messi

The debate ranges on: Was the Ballon d’or rigged to favour Lionel Messi?

7 Ballon d’Or says a lot about Lionel Messi and what he has achieved in the game. Although, some of the awards were controversially given especially the seventh trophy.

The rationale behind the seventh trophy is that Messi was given to compensate him for waiting for so long to win an international trophy with Argentina and not necessary about his overall performance.

Off course, certain players achieved more than him last season and some of them angrily protested against the award.

Even France Football’s editor-in-chief Pascal Ferre revealed he voted for Robert Lewandoswki but heh! its Messi we’re talking about who has a lot connections and journalist friends.

Friends who have watched him for years and seen how hard he has worked to win something for Argentine but yet failed over and over until the Copa America victory. Winning that trophy was a vindication, a redemption and above all, a confirmation that he is the greatest player of all time..{not true}.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez sums up the debate by saying when asked during his press conference when asked by a journalist about Lionel Messi controversial Ballon d’Or win.

He replied: ‘Once its Messi there’s no debate, he is the greatest player of all time’.

Debate all you like, Messi in the eyes of many deserves it every year until he retires.

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