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Arrh Messi again! Why Real Madrid are very disappointed with UEFA

First it Manchester United and then Real Madrid, both teams are trying as much as possible to avoid PSG as long as it takes. There’s a reason for that, Paris Saint German not only have the best goalkeeper, defense, midfield or keeper, they have an inform Lionel Messi.

A player who can singlehandedly win you a game with a incisive pass or shoot. Messi is very happy and that is a problem. The weight of expectations are off his shoulder, he longer has to worry about Barcelona..

Now, he can simply enjoy his football and let Mbappe, Neymar, Draxlier, Mauro Icardi and others do the scoring or assisting..

That freedom to play without lots of expectation has seen Messi explode to live and recapture his best form. His scintillating form is good to watch but terrifying for Real Madrid who despite their incredible run of form know they’re on the knife’s edge.

They know they will be out if they face the current Messi along with his cast. They will even be in bigger trouble if Sergio Ramos were to return to full fitness before the clash.

His terrifying presence will keep Karim Benzema out and Vinicius Jr fearing for a season ending tackle or an elbow to the face or throat. Ramos will do something that will scare everyone at Real Madrid and even PSG.

If he scores a bullet header even better but the story line will always end with a PSG win and that is what Real Madrid want to avoid.

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