Cancel AFCON, NO!! Africa don’t need approval from Europe to host a TOURNAMENT

The widespread call from European based clubs and their respective federation to cancel the AFCON due to Omicron coronavirus variants is widely off the mark.

To suggest to FIFA that Africa especially Cameroun ‘the host nation’ can not assure the safety of the globally recognized superstar arriving from Europe is an insult. To equally suggest that fans arriving from Europe and other part of the world to watch the showpiece in Cameroun are in danger is equally an insult.

The reckless assumption that since its Africa, ‘the black man’s nation’, they lack the brains to deal with a virus like Omicron, therefore, FIFA must cancel the competition must stop. The competition will go ahead..

Thankfully, the Central Africa Federation General Secretary Veron Mosengo-Omba is now in Cameroun to ensure the competition goes on. FIFA delegates are their also ensure it goes through.

So regardless of what they say in Europe, Africa will host their own competition and players like Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and others must be there.

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