List of 10 very UNUSUAL things that happen only in Nigeria

No recruitment in NNPC and other juicy positions– Nigeria is the only in West Africa were juicy positions are reserved for the rich and vastly connected. To get job in NNPC, Nigeria Port Authority, Custom, CBN and other top paying companies you need to know someone.

Nigeria Leaders are illiterates but yet professors vote and elect them into power- 93% of the leaders in Nigeria are illiterates and this why nothing is working. The president Muhammadu Buhari can’t even produce a authenticate secondary school certificate shamefully, his vice is professor.

Power is unstable in Nigeria but the government supply consistent power to neigbouring countries- Nigeria can not produce consistent power but yet, they supply consistent power to Chad, Benin, Togo and other neigbouring company. Shamefully, the government have refused to allow competitions like just like in the telecommunication industry.

Twitter is banned by Nigeria, but top government officials are using VPN to access Twitter- Twitter might be banned in Nigeria but the vice president still access it with VPN along with top government officials.

Bandits and terrorists are free (repented) but freedom fighters are arrested and killed- Its only Nigeria that captured terrorists are treated like dignitaries and later released to the community while freedom fighters are shoot instantly or brutalized in prison.

Religious preachers are billionaires while their preachers are broke and hopeless- Nigeria have the richest pastors and imams in the world and yet, the country is in disarray. Shamefully, those who listen to them are mostly broke and hopeless.

Nigerians equate Policemen and other security officers to thieves- An average Nigeria man or woman will tell you in secret that the policeman or Soldier is a thief and not his protector. He will instead pay for the local community to form vigilante than trust his life and property to the Nigeria security apparatus.

Nigeria politicians are the most corrupt people in the world and yet Nigerians vote them into power– Never trust a Nigeria politician cause if you do you will lose your live. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron once described Nigeria politicians as fantastically corrupt people, he wasn’t lying.. They’re very, very corrupt people, very corrupt.

Governors can’t be evicted from office even by the people that supposedly elected them.

Kidnappers who kill and rape are just disgruntled boys who will be allowed back to the society.

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