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A season never to forget: Liverpool’s Premier League title run might never be repeated

Who would predicated such a devastating end to a promising season. Liverpool were so close, so close to ending their 30-years wait to win the Premier League title but sadly that fate won’t be achieved this season.

The world have submerged into fear and terror due to the ravaging virus infecting and killing people all around the world.

Coronaviurs have infected over 440,000 people and killed over 11,000 world wide.

In the UK, 25,150 have been infected with the virus while 1829 have died making it practically impossible for the Premier League to commence on the 30th April.

It will take at least three months or even 6 months to control the spread of the virus in UK and a whole year in Italy making football a forgone issue. .

Liverpool’s title run was incredible as well as respectable. They’re 25 points off Manchester City and needed just two wins to become Premier League champions for their first time in their history.

In fact, they were closing on beating the 100 points Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City team accumulated in the 2017-18 season but, due to Covid-19 pandemic that fate won’t be achieved.

The Reds should be proud of themselves even though they don’t get to be crowned champions.

They did their best and that is enough to earn them the respects as Champions.

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