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Manchester United star Marcus Rasford raises £25m to provide food for schoolkids affected by Coronavirus

What an impressive gesture from Marcus Rashford who have teamed up with a charity organisation FareShare to provide food for kids who would go without meals because schools have been closed.

The 22-year-old recently revealed he grew up on free school meals before finding fame and money with Manchester United.

He now wants to help kids as the world battle the Covid-19 by calling on the general public to assist him donate food or money to Fare Share.

In response to his call; Techo has donated £15m, Asda- £2.5m, C0-op- £1.5m. Others who have supported his course include; Pret A Manger and Pizza Express.

The general public meanwhile have donated £160,000 and counting.

Culled from his Instagram post, Rashford said: “I am just trying to impact the next generation in a positive way. I have done a lot of work with children and when i herd about the schools shutting down, i knew some kids would not be getting free meals.

“When i was at school, i was on free meals and my mum wouldn’t get home until around six o’clock so my next meal would have been about eight o’clock.

“I was fortunate. There are kids in much more difficult situations who didn’t get their meals at home”.

THe Premier League at the moment is suspended as the world battles to curb Coronavirus.

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