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33-years and fast declining: Why Barcelona will crumble once ‘Captain Fantastic’ walks away

dHow do you replace a player of Lionel Messi calibre? A player who not only posses the skill sets to single-handily win games and trophies but also, be the glum that holds a fractured institution together.

Barcelona is no longer the club most teams in Europe envy. The institution is broken thanks to the appointment of unqualified leaders at the board room who have spent heavily on shit players; pr stunts, propaganda, surveillance cameras on players and managers.

The Bluagrana giants are frankly lucky to have Messi whose magic touch have somehow managed to glum the cracks on the war. But Messi won’t be at Barcelona forever.

He turns 33 in June which is a big reminder that the Argentina superstar could be in his last phenomenal season at Barcelona.

Messi is not Cristiano Ronaldo who is obsessed with his physique nor those he posses the mental strength of the Portuguese superstar.

Leo could play until till his 34 and after that, he will have to walk away from Camp Nou before the fans that have loved him for 16 years will boo him.

But before Messi bows out, Barcelona must get their act right or face becoming the next AC Milan.

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