Cristiano Ronaldo

Can Cristiano Ronaldo end Pele’s Guinness World Record and become the greatest of all time?

For the past ten years fervent football lovers have been bewildered by the extraordinary qualities of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Two those have broken records, set records and won all there’s to win. People now make the mistake by assuming one of them is the greatest of all time.

The greatest of all time is not Ronaldo nor Mess iti is Pele who remains the only player in history to have won 3 World Cups with Brazil.

The task of winning just one World Cup is so hard that no nation in Africa, Asia and Middle East have managed to achieve that fate since the competition began in 1938

Pele meanwhile did it three times.. Phenomenal.

According to IFFHS, Pele remains the most successful domestic league goal-scorer in football history with 650 goals in 694 league matches, and in total 1281 in 1363 games, which is a Guinness World Record.

Ronaldo on the other hand has scored 539 goals in his astonishing career so far. But to match Pele, the Portuguese captain needs to score 111 goals more to equal Pele.

Now 35-years-old and close to retiring its very difficult accomplishing that task. But knowing Ronaldo and how hard he works, he will achieve that fate in the next two to three seasons.

Once that is done, he will then become the greatest goalscorer the world has ever seen and not the best of all time- it will remain with Pele.

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