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Why Barcelona have failed to win the Champions League for 5 years despite having Leo Messi

2015 was incredible, it was the last time Barcelona hoisted aloft the Champions League trophy after thrashing Juventus 3-1 in the final.

To their fans it was a moment to savour, a period of domination that made everyone feel they’re superior to others. Barcelona were head and shoulders above everyone else including Real Madrid who had it all to the best but needed Barcelona to make a calamitous mistake which they did.

Barcelona ensured Real Madrid dominated Europe for the next three years by letting Neymar join PSG for a world record $250m. The fee they got from Neymar was mind blowing but how they utilized that fee was embarrassing.

First, Barcelona signed an injury ravaged player in Ousame Dembele for $103m and later, paid crazy money to Liverpool to sign Philippe Coutinho for $132m

Liverpool were so angry with the deal that they insisted a clause be inserted in Coutinho’s contract which will restrict Barcelona from signing any of their players for the next 3 years.

This means that Barcelona can’t sign Liverpool left forward Sadio Mane who is arguably as good as Neymar until 2021.

But that’s not all, over the years Barcelona have signed other players most top club wouldn’t have dared to sign. The signing of Kevin Prince Boateng, Paco Alcacer and now Martin Braithwaite don’t make sense.

Why? none of those players possess the prerequisite quality to win Barcelona the Champions League.

Barcelona is no longer the juggernaut that smashes past teams with ease and class but rather, it is a team now reliant on the genius of Lionel Messi.

Without the Argentina working his magic time and time again, Barca won’t win matches talk more of trophies.

Truth be told, Barcelona will not win the Champions League by relying on one player regardless of how good he is. They need variations upfront just like in 2015 where they had ‘Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar’.

Added to that, winning it requires long term planning, confidence and lots of luck. Barcelona at the moment don’t have it and won’t win it.

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