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10 incredible moments that changed football forever

Football is a composition of blood, sweat, pain, joy and ecstasy.. Sometimes, everything our beloved clubs, managers or players seems to be right and other times, we fear the worst.

They once a time when AC Milan, Inter Milan, PSV and even Valencia were vying to European champions but today, those clubs can’t even get into the top 4 talk more of the last 1ast 16.

Football is not a do or die affaiar, it like every other sports.

Here are the 10 incredible moments that challenged footballer for ever.

  1. 2005 Champions League clash between Liverpool vs AC Milan-

Liverpool crawled back from teh brink of defeat to draw AC Milan 3-3 and beat them 4-3 on penatlites.

The man who failed to covert is Andrey Shevchenko is never won the Champions League as a player.

2. Zinedine Zidane vs Mateo Mattarazi-

Zidane stuipid decision to headbutt Mattarazi for what he said in the 2006 World Final between France and Italy will forever hurt.

That headbutt meant Zidane didn’t win a second World Cup nor a 4th Ballon d’Or. In fact, he denied so many players the chance of winning the biggest trophy in world football.

3. John Terry’s Champions League slip vs Manchester United

Terry’s infamous slip against Manchester Untied denied Chelsea the opportunity to win thier first Champions Laegue in 44 years.

Hearts were broken, players were in sad and joyous mood and Terry carried all the way to England. Had Terry converted, Cristiano Ronaldo would’ve been the man in tears.

He won’t have won his first Ballon d’Or or Champions League medal.. History would’ve changed.

4. Steven Gerrard’s famous slip against Chelsea-

Liverpool were so close to winning the Premier League title back in 2014/14 season but Gerrard’s infamous slip against Chelsea allowed Demba ba race through and score.

That defeat meant Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez Daniel Agger, Martin Skrtel and others never won a league title with Liverpool.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovics acrobatic kick against England-

Without doubt, that goal is the best goal ever scored in an international friendly. It will forever be used to remember Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 5

6. Germany’s 7-1 hammering of Brazil-

2014 witnessed the biggest humiliation in Brazil’s history. Pele’s Brazil were beaten 7-1 by a youthufl, strong and tactically efficient Germany side.

Rio Janeiro was known to be boisterous and full of live but that evening, nobody felt like partying, well except you German.

7. The 96 that died in Hillsborough-

A truly sad day for Liverpool and the rest of the footballing world. May the soul of 96 fans rest in pieces.

8. Sam Allardayce West Ham vs Chelsea

Allardyce instructed his team to sit back and soak up pressure. The manager played 8 at the back and only two players were allowed to go forward and attack.

Anoyed with that set up, Jose Mourinho framed the popular term currently used in football today;

“Parked the buss”- which means forfeotomg attack to just defend.

9. Trent Alexander’s clever pass vs Barcelona-

Arnold clever pass to find Divock Origi remaisn the sole reason Liveprool are champions and not Messi or Barcelona.

Barcelona arrived Anfield with a 3-0 lead only to lose 4-0 at Anfield. If Barca had qualified, Messi and Suarez would’ve lead them to a third treble.

That defeat was demoralizing as well as a wake up call for Barcelona who always alert during set piece.

10. Lionel Messi goal vs Getefe that finally announced him to the world.

On April 18th, 2007, Messi produced a Diego Maradona-esque solo run, dribble and finish against Getafe. That currently voted the best goal in the club history.

If Messi had failed to pull it off, it would’ve changed everything we know about Messi.

11. Portugal’s Euro 2016 trophy- The first time Portugal lifted an European torphy thanks to Elder’s wonder goal against France.

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