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5 obvious reasons why Liverpool refused to sign Timo Werner

Timo Werner has reportedly agreed to join Chelsea after months of waiting for Liverpool to sign him.

The attacker remains a huge fan of Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool but sadly, the Reds feel he lacks the quality, attitude or competitive spirit to play for them.

Here are obvious reasons why Liverpool refused to pay his $63m buyout clause.

  1. Timo Werner lacks the creativity and tactical discipline to replace Roberto Firmino-

Werner is a modern day striker who loves to run behind the defenders and not sit deep and orchestrate the flow of the game.

He lacks the tactical discipline to strive at Liverpool high intensity style of play as well as the creativity to open up channels for Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane to score.

2. Defensively, Werner is weak-

Unlike Roberto Firmino who run his soaks off to close down defenders in other to retrieve the ball, Werner prefers to stay upfront and wait for incisive balls so he can run towards goal.

Firmino is the first line of defense and once that is weakened, Liverpool becomes vulnerable.

3. His too expensive to sit on the bench-

Timo Werner will cost any team interested his service $63m to sign. Any club that forks out that amount of money will have to play him consistently.

Liverpool really don’t need him . They already have Roberto Firmino and Divock Origi to lead the attacking lines.

4. Liverpool have too many strikers.

Apart from Roberto Firmino who is the club’s number 1 striker, Jurgen Klopp can also call upon Divock Origi, Miniamino and even Mohamed Salah to play centrally.

Liverpool have enough strikers in their team.

5. Liverpool lost just Premier League match all season, they don’t really need to sign a player-

The present Liverpool team have all it takes to dominant the Premier League for the next 5 years. The players are young, fit and reliable.

Jurgen Klopp don’t really need to sign a striker when he has Firmino, Salah and Sadio Mane.

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