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3 reasons why Pep Guardiola must ditch Juventus and stick with Manchester City

Pep Guardiola, a tactician, a motivator and above all, a passionate manager who loves to win every thing in front of him. The 46-year-old don’t pick and choose trophies to win like other managers, he wants to win as much as possible every season.

Last season, Guardiola created history by becoming the first and only manager in Premier League history to win the domestic treble. A fate not even the great Sir Alex Ferguson has managed to achieve in his 26-years of management. .

This season he accompanied that trophy winning the Community Shield and soon, he will be winning his third Caraboa Cup trophy.

If Manchester City beat Aston Villa in Wembley it will be the third straight season Guardiola have lifted that trophy.

But sadly, that incredible work is about to be undone thanks to UEFA’s decision to ban City for 2 years and then fine them over $30m due to a breach in financial fair play rule. Although, City are appealing the verdict in the Court of Arbitration of Sports but if they loss it, it will dis-stabilize the club.

Top players like De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, Aguero and others will leave while Guardiola will become Juventus top target to replace Maurizio Sarri.

But Guardiola can simply say no for this three reasons

1.The Premier League will turn into a one team affair-

Apart from Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City team, there’s no team in the Premier League that can mount a serious challenge to Liverpool.

The Reds have the squad and manager to dominate the Premier League for the next 4 years. Guardiola at the moment is the only manager capable of forging a world class to top Liverpool dominating league. If he leaves, the Premier League will become a one team affair.

2. Winning the Champions League will no longer be a priority for Pep Guardiola, he can simply relax.

Without Champions League football, Guardiola can simply relax more. He won’t be worried for the next two years about flying around Europe with City. All he has to do is beat Liverpool and others to the domestic trophies. But at Juventus, it will be like a pressure cooker, he must win the Champions League as soon as possible..

3. If he stays at Manchester City, he will forever be loved-

Manchester City fans love Pep Guardiola and they all want him to stay. If he stays with the club until their ban is lifted, the fans will love him forever. He will instantly become the club’s greatest manager.

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