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3 reasons why Liverpool won’t sign Thiago Alcântara

Reports have emerged that Liverpool are the front runners to sign Thiago Alcantara who have recently rejected a contract extension with Bayern Munich. The midfielder is a highly creative and technically gifted player who can dribbling past defenders and control the tempo of the game.

That ability to evade bone crushing tackles allows him to operate effectively in a deep-seated playmaking role as a central midfielder. With Bayern, he has scored 72 goals with 43 assists in 277 appearances while winning 14 trophies including 8 Bundesliga titles in a row.

But, there’s a strong doubt Liverpool will sign him and these are the reasons why:

Alcantara is too old for Liverpool- Apart from James Milner and other goalkeepers, Jurgen Klopp have never signed on-field player above the age of 27 since he took change of Liverpool back in Oct, 2015. The manager goes for young, talented and extremely hardworking midfielders. If Alcantara really wants to join Liverpool he has to come for free and not cost the club anything just like James Milner or Adrain.

Liverpool don’t have $30m to spend on a midfielder– Liverpool might not spend this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced clubs to take serious financial measures. Jurgen Klopp recently addressed the media about spending why asked why the club failed in signing Timo Werner.

He said: “If we spend $50M to $100m on the player, how do i explain to my players whose wages have been cut.. This is business and we must think before we spend”.

Liverpool already have too many world class midfielders– Liverpool already have the best minefields in the world who are ready to run their soaks off for the manager and the club. The likes of Jordan Henderson, Gini Wijnaldum, Fabinho, James Milner and Naby Keita are all better then Thiago Alcantara.

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