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Why Zinedine Zidane is the best manager in Real Madrid’s history

Real Madrid are the champions of La Liga Satander thanks to the incredible work done by Zinedine Zdiane and his staffs. The 46-year-old tactically outwitted his contemporaries by forging a powerful bond with his players while giving them the chance to express themselves on the pitch.

Zidane’s strongest strength as a manager is his man management skills which he learnt from Carlo Ancelotti and Marcello Lippi. Both Italian legends were experts in human psychology and utilize motivation to drive their respective team to success. They both knew the best why to motivate a player was by giving him the chance to express himself on the pitch.


No amount of tactical work, team talk or instructions from the sideline can make a player better on the pitch. All a manager needed to do was motivate his best players and they will do the rest on the pitch. They will fight to the end and win you trophies.

Zizou also understood that team selection was key to victory therefore, he picked players who would give their maximum and never complain. And when those players are injured, need rest or out of form, he then picked young players who desperate to prove they’re good enough for first team football.

This is reason why Marco Asensio, Vinicius Jr or Rodrigo are picked ahead of Gareth Bale or James Rodriquez. The younger players want to prove themselves while Gareth Bale and James Rodriquez have nothing to prove, they’re world class players who might or might not give there best.


Zidane’s perfect understanding of human psychology is the reason why he has won 11 trophies in 209 games. Translating to 1 trophy every 20 games he has coached Real Madrid.

Over the years, Real Madrid have had so many incredible managers in the past {like Carlo Ancelotti, Jose Mourinho or Vincente Del Bosque} but none of them has won as much as trophies as Zidane’s has won with so little time.

Zizou has now proven he is the best manager in La Liga and arguably the best manager in Real Madrid’s history.

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