No More Excuses: Why Neymar And Mbape Must Deliver PSG The Champions League

The acquisition of PSG in 2011 by Qatari Sports Investment (QSI} a share holding company owned by Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, ruler of Qatar was the turning point to the club’s fortune. His millions ensured PSG could sign the best players in the world and retain them by offering them crazy contracts no other club in Europe could dear to match.

PSG further showed their strength by blowing the transfer market apart when they spent £366m on signing just two players- ‘Neymar and Mbappe’. That show of audacity, temerity and nerve shocked the rest of Europe who requested Financial Fair Play be introduced for fear been ridiculed by Europe’s new super club.

But sadly, Neymar, Mbappe and the rest of the PSG supporting cast has failed repeatedly in the grandest of stage to deliver the club the one and only trophy missing in their scintillating trophy cabinet- The Champions League.

Neymar (right) will need to step up as Kylian Mbappe (left) is struggling with an ankle injury

Why? They just don’t have the mental fortitude to get past teams in the knock stage despite taking the ascendancy with a first leg win. Barcelona’s famous 6-1 come back win in 2017 is a clear depiction of how average PSG can be in Europe.

Since 2011, only once has PSG reached the Champions League quarter final despite spending £660m on signing players. They’ve been knocked out the best {Real Madrid}, average {Atletico Madrid} and even the worst {Manchester United last season} but this season can be different. PSG have the ample opportunity to deliver the trophy.

The club’s superstars ‘Neymar and Mbappe’ really don’t have any excuse to fail this time. Cause already, the traditional powerhouse Real Madrid and Liverpool are out. Barcelona is weak and over reliant on Lionel Messi genus to win and Atlanta, RB Leipzig and Lyon are no match to them.

Tuchel (left) will be hoping that Neymar (right) will be able to step up in Mbappe's absence

The only team that can prove difficult to beat is Pep Guardiola well oiled Manchester City, Diego Simone’s tactically astute Atletico Madrid and Champions League strongest team Bayern Munich. Apart from those three, PSG should have no excuse not to win it.

Mbappe and Neymar must deliver and now is the time.

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