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Hit Or Miss: Is Arsenal Overpaying To Sign 32-Year-Old Willian

Arsenal confirmed on their respective social media pages that have signed former Chelsea winger Willian. The electrifying winger will join the Gunners on the 3 year contract worth £220,000-a-week and £35m at the end of the deal.

Its strange that Arsenal could cut the jobs of 55 staffs over financial issues and then turn around and offer a 32-year-old player £220,000-a-week to join them. Well, this business and Willian’s jersey sell, endorsement deals and fan base will make Arsenal millions in return.

Signing the veteran defender to some section of Arsenal fans is a brilliant move. The Brazilian is an averagely good player who can offer pace, trickery, creativity and goals. Willian is a threat going forward and his fierce shoot can prove difficult to tame in most occasion.

His experience and leadership qualities will be key to Arsenal’s young but talented players. He will certainly have a big influence in the team along his friend and business partners David Luiz.

But, other section of Arsenal fans feel signing Willian is the second episode of Mesut Ozil contract conundrum. Just like Mesut Ozil, Willian is been offered a lucrative contract without the club assessing the long term implication of the deal.


His age, form and fitness while not taking into cognizant before the deal was signed. Unlike Arsenal, Chelsea assessed his medical history, physical form, playing time and injury records thoroughly and felt, the Brazilian won’t be an A-list player in the next two seasons and therefore where willing to offer him 2 and not a 3 year contract.

But not Arsenal, they just gave him the contract like its means nothing. No one cared to ask how fit and consistent Willian will be when he turns 33, 34 and even 35-years-old. Everybody is just singing the praise now and pretending the future will be better after all, Mikel Arteta is their to take the fall if things don’t work out as planned..

Well, according to Sky Sports, there’s an exit clause in William’s contract which enables both parties to terminate the contract in mutual understanding if things don’t work as planned. Arsenal have the leverage and not Willian.

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