4 Reasons Why PSG Lost The Champions League To Bayern Munich

The Champions League is finally done and dusted and a worthy winner has emerged. Bayern Munich have hoisted aloft the Champions League for the sixth time in their history after succeeding in beating PSG 1-0 at Lisbon.

Bayern Munich were brilliant in their transition to attack, defending and organisational play. They kept the ball far better than PSG and built their respective attack from the back despite the monumental pressure from PSG to close them down and score.

It was an open game but one intelligent lofted pass from Joshua Kimmich to find Kingsley Coman might that only one winner will emerge in the 90 minutes of play. Tactically, Bayern Munich were supreme to PSG but, individually, PSG were better and should won comfortably.

Here are the reason why PSG lost the match:

Kingsley Coman had too much space- to attack The Former PSG star was given too much room to dribble with breath neck speed and find spaces. After scoring his first goal, the french man could have assisted Robert Lewandowski from scoring the second had not been for Kimpimbe who nodded it out.

The winger should have been stopped knowing he had a score to settle with PSG who sold off and signed Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

PSG super star replaced teamwork with Individualism– As the game weld down, PSG superstars {Kylian Mbappe and Neymar} completely forgot the tactical master plan of Thomas Tuchel and decided to do it all alone by dribbling everyone and trying to score.

Neymar and Mbappe were busy dribbling players rather than finding spaces for others to score. They were busy dreaming about tomorrow’s headline news rather today’s success and that really affected the team.

Hansi Flick’s controversial instruction at half time– The Bavarian manager instructed Sergi Gnabry to take out PSG’s main man {Neymar} before he could cause damages. Gnabry cleverly did what was asked and lunged into tackles to slow down Neymar and rattle the Brazilian.

That collision weakened Neymar and ensured he could no longer drive forward to create chances to shoot.

Too many missed chances from PSG- The Parisians had 5 chances compared to Bayern’s 3 chances to score but failed to utilize even one. Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani all missed their chances to score and that came to hunt the team.

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