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4 Reasons Why Lionel Messi Wants To Leave Barcelona

Lionel Messi is on the verge of working out of Barcelona after sending them a fax message to alert them that he no longer wants to be part of the club’s future. The fax message has sent shock waves across the footballing world and further put pressure on Barcelona’s management.

Incensed with the reports, Barcelona/s ardent fans have remonstrated to the breaking news by matching to the club premises and calling for the resignation of Josep Bartomeu who have failed woefully to provide the leadership desperately missing at the club.

But, Messi annoyance stems far deeper than just Barcelona’s decline or the Champions League humiliation. The 33-year-old is furious with the club’s management and has reportedly told his friend and journalist Veronica Brunati to let the world know how he feels..

Here are the five reasons Messi wants to leave:

Ronald Koeman’s disrespect and show of power- Barcelona’s new coach Ronald Koeman reportedly told Lionel Messi to prove to him and the club that he is still worthy of wearing the jersey. Why Koeman made that remark still remains a misery but that really pissed Messi off.

Messi hasn’t just scored or assisted more goals than any other player in Barcelona’s history, he has won 34 trophies in 20 scintillating season. The Argentinian is a living legend and arguably the greatest footballer the world has ever seen.

To ask him to prove if he is worthy of wearing a Barcelona jersey is so, so disrespectful.

Luis Suarez contract issues and possible termination- According to RAC1, Barcelona will terminate the contract of Luis Suarez this summer. The attacker was rudely told on phone to find a new club cause his contract will be terminated.

Koeman’s pronouncement annoyed Lionel Messi who happens to be Luis Suarez best friend. Messi won’t sit back and watch his friend get embarrassed by anyone at Barcelona after years of winning so many trophies with him and scoring or assists unbelievable goals.

Suarez is Barcelona’s 3rd highest goalscorer and that phenomenal fate deserves to be respected.

Massive overhaul of the first team without thinking through– Barcelona’s decision to sell most of the club’s veterans has annoyed Lionel Messi who still feels most of the players are world class players who can redeem themselves.

Yes! they ended the season trophy-less as well as lost 8-2 to Bayern Munich in Champions League quarter final but that shouldn’t be a reason to condemn all of them. The likes of Sergio Busquet and Gerard Pique can’t be judged by one season or game alon. Those two have given so much to the club and shouldn’t be discarded that easily like they mean nothing.

Josep Bartomeu many sins and poor management skills– Its time Josep Bartomeu vacates the role as president of Barcelona football club cause frankly, that role looks too big for him to handle. Accusations and counter accusations has sprang up since he became president.

First, he was accused of hiring a private investigative firm to spy on the players, the coaching staffs and even the respective club managers. Secondly, he paid the firm to write negative stories to tarnish the players images especially when the team was struggling while his was protected.

The respective PR stunts from Bartomeu annoyed Messi and most especially Gerard Pique who reportedly exchanged heated words with the president. Shamefully, even Pep Guardiola had to speak up over the numerous allegations.

Bartomeu is one of the worst president in Barcelona’s history and he proved that fact by revealing a stupid list of players who will stay and leave.

In fact, Ronald Koeman’s boldness to call Luis Suarez and tell him to leave the club or, tell Messi to prove himself stems from the unwavering support from the president.

Josep Bartomeu is simply using Ronald Koeman to drive Lius Suarez and Lionel Messi out of the club. That show of cowardice has annoyed Lionel Messi who now wants to leave.

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