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Why Barcelona Ace Lionel Messi will struggle at Manchester City

Lionel Messi is on the verge of ditching Barcelona and reuniting his former coach and mentor Pep Guardiola t Manchester City. Messi is fed up with Barcelona’s tumultuous managements; average display from most of his teammates and the whining Barcelona based newspapers like Marca or Cadena Ser that virtually blame him for everything wrong at Barca.

The Argentinean feels Barcelona is no longer worth his match winning abilities and its time, he moves to a club capable of winning him his 5th Champions league trophy to go par with his biggest rival Cristiano Ronaldo.

But joining Manchester City won’t be easy and these are the reasons:

The intensity and pace of the Premier League will overwhelm Lionel Messi– The Premier League is the most difficult league in the world and that is due to the pace and intensity of the English league. Manchester City might adopt a similar pattern of play like Barcelona but, do in much faster way to break down teams. Raheem Sterling, Riyad Mahrez and Sergio Busquet attack with turbo speed.

Messi will struggle to cope with the speed and tenacity of Premier League.

Lionel Messi must contribute defensively or risk sitting on the bench– Manchester City don’t just keep possession and attack in great speed, they collectively defend as a team. The likes of Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne or Raheem Sterling all drop deep to defend or double up on a very good player.

Messi can’t be working around the pitch like he those at Barcelona. He must defend or risk sitting on the bench. Liverpool are Premier League champions because their striker Roberto Firmino don’t just score goals, he is the first line of defense.

Roberto Firmino attacks and defends, Lionel Messi must do the same.

The physicality and ruggedness of the defenders will overwhelm Messi- The defenders in the Premier League are fast, big and robust. They don’t care whose name is on the back of the shirt, they will slide into tackles, kicks, shove or push.

Players who are excellent in dribbling past palyers are basically the most fouled players. Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish was fouled 322 times last season, imagine how times Lionel Messi will go to the ground. He will be overwhelmed by the number of tackles flying into his legs.

Protection from the referees will be less- La Liga referees might have a soft spot for Lionel Messi by blowing or brandishing yellow cards to opposition players who mishandle him but, the Premier League is a different ball game.

He won’t be given special treatment, he will be treated like every other player and some fouls will be overlooked. Finally, he must watch what he says or how he reacts to some fouls.

Premier League referees will give him a straight red card if he insults or threatens them.

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