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Lionel Messi Vs Barcelona: Why The Catalunya Giants Will Implode If They Force Messi To Stay

After 20 years of loyalty and unrivaled dedication to Barcelona, Lionel Messi has finally had enough and wants to leave. The Argentinean maestro handed in a transfer request ‘Burofax’ stating his intention to part ways with a club that means so much to him.

He loves Barcelona and their tremendous fans but, over the years, the club he once called home has broken down due to institutional crises, poor management and awful recruitment. The once great club have become a one man team.

A team solely dependent on the tremendous quality of Lionel Messi to remain competitive and probably win trophies. But Messi isn’t just fed up of doing everything all by himself, he is annoyed by the club’s nerves to demand he proves himself all over again by single handily winning them games.


The demands are insane and Messi no longer wants to do it. He wants out but Barcelona aren’t ready to let their greatest player and asset leave for free. The club is in a big mess and desperately need Messi magic to get them out of it.

But forcing him to stay by pointing at his €700m release clause will only be detrimental to La Liga and Barcelona in the long run.

Messi is not happy and keeping an unhappy player is never a good idea. No reasonable club keeps an unhappy in the team regardless of how good they are. The player will always produces a negative vibe that will affect the psychic of his teammates.

They will feel like a stranger in an island. A king trapped in a dungeon and fighting everyday to sent himself free. They will cause disharmony and implode the club.

No doubt, Barcelona and La Liga will certainly succeed in keeping Messi against his will this season but, the 33-year-old will no longer be the player he use to be. Messi won’t play with his heart and will probably relinquish the captain armband and assume the role of a spectator {like most Barcelona players do on the pitch} which in turn will see Barcelona struggle to win games.

Don’t be surprise seeing Barcelona finish outside the Champions league places.

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