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One League Affair: Why La Liga And Barcelona Are Desperate To Keep Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is the world best player, a fact made known by his extraordinary contributions to Barcelona’s success over the last 14 years. With Barcelona, Messi have lifted 33 of their 95 trophies along with 4 Champions league trophies..

The Argentinean superstar averages 2 trophy a season with Barcelona which goes to show why La Liga and his parent club are desperate to keep him. They know he makes everyone around him good and even the boring Spanish La Liga interesting to watch.

Messi dazzling runs, dribbles and superb finishing is enticing and awesome to watch. People all over the world flock to Camp Nou or other stadiums to watch Messi play and not necessary Barcelona. They just love the way he plays the ball and produces consistent magic.

But if by para-venture he decides to leave Barcelona, the aftermath will be disastrous. The Spanish La Liga will instantly turn into a one league affair. Real Madrid will dominate the league and win 8 or 9 consecutive league trophies like Juventus, PSG and Bayern Munich currently do in their respective leagues.

La Liga will then struggle to attract viewership/ subscriptions to its already boring league. But to avoid such fate from happening Real Madrid’s most successful captain Sergio Ramos has called on Lionel Messi to reconsider his decision for the sake of the league and Barcelona.

Ramos wants competitions not a routine league win. He knows a league with Lionel Messi in it is always competitive and interesting to watch.

Right now, La Liga and Barcelona have one thing in common, both teams are desperately trying to keep Lionel Messi out of the clutches of the Premier League.

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