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3 Conditions Gareth Bale Must Accept To Play For Manchester United

Real Madrid are willing to do business with any club rather to sign Gareth Bale permanently or on a season loan deal with an option to buy the following season. The Walsh superstar has fallen out of love with Zinedine Zidane who has restricted him to just cameo appearances rather than first team opportunities.

Bale managed just 44 minutes of football since restart of the La Liga season but somehow managed to be the club’s taking club due to his antics on the bench. The 31-year-old is now hoping to return to the Premier League and play for a top club probably Manchester United but, he must accept some certian terms.

Wage reduction– Gareth Bale currently earns £350,000-a-week and £15m per annul which frankly is too rich for some clubs to avoid. The right winger have to accept a reduction in his wages from £350,000-a-week to £150,000-a-week or less to return to Manchester United.

Ditch the golf and concentrate on football– Its no secret that Gareth Bale loves to play golf during his leisure time and sometimes during games in which he is not featured. He has ditch that habit and focus on helping his next club be it Manchester United or any club willing to invest in him.

First team football is not guaranteed but earned– Gareth Bale is without doubt a world class player who can change the course of any game with his explosive pace, creativity, good dribbling skills and goals. But at Manchester United he has to prove himself all over again.

He has prove he is better than Anthony Martial, Marcus Rasford, Mason Greenwwod and Dainel James to get a shot at first team football.

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