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Too Old To Run: Why Andrea Pirlo’s Juventus Is Bound To Fail In Europe

The appointment of Andrea Pirlo as the head coach of Juventus brought a sign of relief for many critics who struggled to understand Maurizio Sarri high octane ‘Sarribal’ or the new and improved tactical instructions he occasionally dishes out.

The former Juventus coach believed in a philosophy of play they call ‘Sarri Ball’ and did all he could to inculcate that sophisticated style of play to not only win games but entertain viewers.

Unlike Massimiliano Allegri who developed his pattern of play based on players he had on his squad, Sarri had an ideology of how to play football which he thought back in Napoli and then Chelsea were he won his first managerial trophy- The Europa League.

But at Juventus, he was expected to take tactical acumen to a whole new level by winning the Champions League with a world class team, but sadly it didn’t work.

Sarri didn’t fail because his methods were archaic or too complicated for the footballers to understand but because, he didn’t have the right players to fit into a system that requires a high octane passing and movement.


His method failed because of Juventus shrewd, calculative and clever investment on top players who are in they’re early or late 30’s. This top players not only have the experience to win consecutive leagues or domestic trophies but are aided by the slow tempo of the Seria A which has helped Juventus dominate the league for the past eight years straight.

Seria A might be slower and easy to win but in Europe {the Champions League}, winning it involves a lot of running and defensive work.

Andrea Pirlo must understand that it is the small details that win the Champions League and not necessary the pedigree of the players in the team. He must also understand that Juventus current team are just to old to match the intensity and rhythm of most of the top teams in Europe.

Replacing the old guards like Buffon, Chiellini, Bonucci, Khedira, Cuandrado, Douglas Costa and so many others is the first step to truly winning the Champions League.


But saly that won’t happen easily as Juventus are already adding more old players to their list. Soon, the club will announce the signing of Barcelona’s unwanted striker Luis Suarez who have slowed down over the last 2 years.

The Uruguay international and Cristinao Ronaldo are vulnerabilities which Andrea Pirlo must take note off.

Those two don’t press the opposition defenders high up to pitch to relinquish the ball neither do they drop deep to defend as a collectively unit or double up on a fast and dangerous player to neutralize him.

All they do is stay up front waiting for the ball to be passed to them so they could score and be tomorrows headline news.

Juventus will one day win the Champions League and will do it sooner if they decide to invest less on the old men who can’t run and more on fitter and younger players.

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