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Here Are The 10 Greatest Nigerian Songs Of All Time

Nigeria music is growing globally and the rest of the world seems to be loving the soft and hard melody that accompanies the song. The local artist are now invited to perform in the iconic Staple Centre in USA and other world class centers while been paid thousands of dollars.

But back in the 90’s Nigeria musicians really struggled to survive in the business due to privacy, weak market structure and absence of the internet which would’ve protected their songs and spread it round the world. But despite the setbacks, Nigerian music never ceased to exit but grew stronger everyday.

Here are the 10 greatest songs ever written in Nigeria:

Africa Queen by Tuface- Africa queen is arguably the greatest song ever written in Nigeria music history. The song is beautifully written, well composed and sang with the right rhythm. Tu Face, 2BABA or whatever he calls him himself this day made the song related-able and lovable.

Jagajaga by Eedris Abdulkareem– Nigeria veteran rapper Eedris Abdulkareem produced the greatest rap video in Nigeria music which he termed ‘Jagajaga’ which translate to scattered. The song was informative, inspiring as well as intimidating ..

Nigerians who heard the song all fell in love with the rap song cause it told the complete story of Nigerian’s poverty ridden society and corruption that still exists.

Flavour {Ash}– Ash or Ashawo is the best highlight Afro pop music ever written in Nigeria. The lyrics and vocals are really interesting to listen. Although the message sounds erotic but its still fun to listen to. They’re other songs with similar style but Flavour killed with compositions.

Zombie by Fela Anikulapo- Kuti– Controversial song but still entertaining to listen to. Fela compared the Nigerian soldiers and policeman to brainless dummies which sadly didn’t go down well with the legend.

His iconic song lead to burning of his famous stage, ‘Kalakuta’ and the death of his mother.

Sweet Mother by Prince Nico Mbarga– Sweet mother is one of the greatest song ever produced in Nigeria nad in Africa. The song sold 13 million copies in Africa, that more than West-life sold on a single record.

But despite the millions sold, Mbarga lived a depress and poverty stricken live until his passing in 1997.

Johnny by Yemi Alade – Johnny is among the greatest hits not just in Nigeria but in Africa. The song is currently the most watched Nigeria video on YouTube with over 17 million views and Vevo with over 13 million views. Johnny launched Yemi Alade’s career and made her an instant celebrity.

Olamide, Phyno and Reminiscence {Local Rapper}- The most hit song is one of Nigerian’s greatest rap music. The rap song was trying to massage of embracing your own locally made songs rather than foreign songs.

The concept of the song caught the attention of most Nigerian rap lovers who subconsciously started avoiding foreign rap music and focused more on Nigeria rap songs.

Dem Go Dey Pose by Baba Fryo- The song is one of the greatest song ever produced in Nigeria music. Dem Go Dey Pose by Baba Fryo was massively followed and played in most of the clubs in Nigeria.

Diana by Daddy Showkey- Daddy Showkey is a living legend and his songs will live long. Diana is one of the greatest song ever written in Nigeria history and 4th most watched song in Nigeria history. Showkey might have earned the millions modern musicians earn but his songs will out last the thousands of songs produced in Nigeria.

Danfo Driver by Mad Melon and Moutina Black– This is one of the greatest song ever written and sang in Nigeria. Surprisingly, it is still played in clubs and major radio stations. Although, Teckno’s remix seems to have upgraded the beats but Nigerians will never forget the melody of the song and who it belongs to.

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