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No Benzema, No Goals: Real Madrid In Danger Of Finishing Outside The Top 4

Real Madrid’s decision not to boater thier attacking line up might come back to hunt them after starting the season with a dull 0-0 encounter with Real Sociedad.

Los Blancos were energetic, enthusiastic and buzzing with convictions as they crated more goal scoring chances than the opposition team who retreated deeper into defence to soak up the pressure. The likes of Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and Casemiro were all rolling back the years and proving why Real Madrid are La Liga champions.

Possession wise, Real Madrid were in full control but in attack, they struggled to finish off chances. Karim Benzema’s off the ball movement was good to watch but his finishing was pathetic. So was Rodrgyo and Vinicius who both created lots of menaces in the wings but failed in front of goal.

Sadly, Zidane didn’t even consider bringing in Jovic who was once Bundesliga most lethal striker as Eintract Frankfurt won the DFK-Pokal back in 2018.

None did he consider bringing in the highly rated duo Mayoral or Mariano Diaz to change the outcome of the game. He doesn’t trust them and prefer to stick with his first eleven who toppled the worst Barcelona side in 14 years to win the La Liga title last season.

Zidane might be over confident of his man management skills but, its time he tells himself and Madrid board the truth even though its the first game of the new season. The current Real Madrid team can’t continue to rely on one striker to score all the goals, or, hope on Sergio Ramos to continue bailing them out with penalty kicks or free kicks.

Neither can the club depend on a fat Eden Hazard or an injury prone Asensio to relieve the scoring burden off Karim Benzema.

Madrid must sign a top striker to assist Benzema or replace him when he is out of form or injured. Refusing to do some will certianly see Real Madrid finihs outside the top 4.

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