Disrespectful: Barcelona Blocks Luis Suarez Move To Atletico Madrid But Gives Him Ultimatum

Barcelona have reportedly added Atletico Madrid on the list of clubs Luis Suarez is restricted from joining despite accepting earlier on to let hi leave. That acceptance prompted Atletico Madrid to allow Alvaro Morata join Juventus on loan in other to make way for Suarez arrival.

Petrified Luis Suarez could roll back the years and lead Rojiblancos to major trophies under Diego Simone, Barcelona have blocked the move while insisting they reserve the right to say no since they will still be paying him his wages till June.

But, if he wants to move to Atletico Madrid without Barcelona interfering, he has to forfeit his 1 year contract which At. Madrid have no intention of paying.

The conundrum have left Suarez in Limbo and he is now forced to regret his earlier decision to play for a club who have no respect for legends. Suarez is currently deemed surplus requirement at Camp Nou and staying will be risky.

Ronald Koeman don’t want him and its best he leaves rather than warming the bench or watching the game along with spectators. .

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