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Klopp’s Big Mistake: Why Liverpool’s Season Is On the Verge of Ending Badly

The reigning Premier League champions are optimistic as always of remaining competitive while winning trophies. This season objectives is easy to figure out.

Liverpool are purely focused on retaining the Premier League and go as far as possible in the Champions League. This is not to say they won’t compete in the FA Cup or the Caraboa Cup, they will but with minimal effort and determination as compared to the aforementioned competitions.

But achieving those two trophies will be very difficult knowing that the Reds have failed again to make the right recruitment.

Yes! they have signed a left back in Kostas Tsimikas; Wolves winger Diogo Jota and Bayern Munich’s superstar Thiago Alcantara but, those three aren’t central defenders neither can they replace Dejan Lovren who was immerse to Liverpool on and off the field.


Lovren who joined Liverpool from Southampton back in 2014 wasn’t just the club’s second longest player after Jordan Henderson {2013, Sunderland}; he was very vocal and outspoken. He stuck behind every player especially Jordan Henderson who was once criticized for his wayward passes and poor decision making.

The Croatian attacked so many Liverpool fan platforms that criticized Jordan Henderson or any of his teammates who struggled in the past. He fought for Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and every single player that got insulted on social media.

And on the pitch, he did everyt to win games despite been Jurgen Klopp’s fourth choice defender.

Without doubt, Dejan Lovren was an excellent servant but now his gone and Liverpool must move forward by replacing him adequately. But strangely, the club is depending on three defenders of which two are reliable and the other one is injury prone.


Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez are the only fit and reliable defenders while Joel Matip is injury prone and frankly, not fit enough to play 40 or more games a season.

If this is known why is Liverpool then repeating the same mistake that got Pep Guardiola and Manchester City no where last season. Why are they insisting on playing a make shift midfielder {Fabinho} in defence rather than signing another top defender.

Fabinho might be good in some games like Manchester City midfielder/ defender Fernandinho showed in the opening games of last season but, after a while, he began to struggle after the opponents discovered his jink.

Playing a defensive midfielder in the back is a momentarily solution not a permanent one. Jurgen Klopp, Micheal Edward and others connected to Liverpool should have known that by now.

If Liverpool refuse to sign a world class defender to replace Dejan Lovren, don’t be so suprised if they finish this season trophy less.

As the old saying goes, ‘the least most important thing at the moment might turn to the most important in future.’

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