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Leaving So Soon Señor!: Why Pep Guadiola Will Be Remembered As The Greatest Manager In Manchester City’s History

2016 was the year Manchester City football club became a force to reckon. It was the year one of the most innovative coach in modern history began inculcating a football philosophy never seen in the Premier League.

His style of play was so similar to Barcelona’s possession based approach but faster in transitions and much more bolder in the high press. Although, Guardiola’s first season was tough due to the absence of high quality defenders and a goalkeeper to bring his system to live.

The occasional mistake from his weary defenders and error prone goalkeeper ‘Bravio’ ensured Guardiola will finish the season trophy-less.


HIs failure armed his critics who dubbed him ‘Fraudiola’ or ‘Messi independiente; while bashing his concept of football as a waste of time. But the following season saw a remarkable spending spree from Manchester City who backed Guardiola by signing lots of talented defenders including a world class goalkeeper in Ederson.

That show of faith in Guaridola’s system instantly paid off as Manchester City became the most dominate team in the Premier league and capped that off by wining the league by a 100 points. The following season, they went further by winning the domestic treble {the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Caraboa Cup}.

That incredible fate meant Pep Guardiola is the first and only manager to win the Premier league by 100 points and the only manager to record 18 consecutive wins without defeat.

In fact, he is the first and only manager to win the domestic treble, a fate not even Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger have managed to achieve in two decades.


People might shamefully judge Guardiola on his Champions League failings but the question they need to really ask is, how many times have an English club won the Champions League in the last decade?

Apart from Chelsea {2012} and Liverpool {2019}, no other Premier League team have succeeded in winning the Champions League for the past 10 years so why judge Guardiola harshly?

Why judge a manager who revolutionized the Premier League with his Barcelona esque style of football and won lots of trophies with it.

Pep Guardiola will not only be remembered for the trophies he has won with Manchester City or records he has kept but, he will remembered for the identity he has given Manchester City and ‘the Premier League in general’ who now play good football.

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