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Barcelona Is Still A Mess: The 3 Changes Ronald Koeman Must Now Make

The appointment of Ronald Koeman have helped in damping the brewing crises at Barcelona but, he still has the same players as of last season and now expected to get them fit and motivated to challenge for more trophies.

Sadly, Koeman don’t really have the quality he needs to win consistent games even though Barcelona managed to win their first two La Liga matches against Celta Vigo and Villarreal. Against a far superior opposition like Sevilla, Barcelona’s frailties and weakness was instantly exposed.

Koeman knows he has a lot of work to do and has to start by makin 3 major changes.

Intensity and physicality has to be improved– Ronald Koeman has to improve the intensity and physicality of his team if his serious about winning domestic and European trophies.

Ronald Koeman.

Barcelona might have gotten better in keeping the ball and passing it around with purpose but, against a tougher and physically imposing team, the Bluagrana giants will struggle to avoid defeat.

Squad depth and defense is a big problem– Defensively, Barcelona are weak and still vulnerable to attacks. The club is still habouring last season defenders that chipped in 56 goals including an 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich.

Why Barcelona refused to sign defenders during the transfer window remains a mystery. If one of the centre backs get injured, the club will be in a lot of mess. Ronald Keoman must now find good defenders in the fielder team and groom them to top level defenders.

And in the bench, Barcelona don’t really have good players on the bench due to the club’s decision not to sign players after letting the likes of Luis Suarez, Ivan Rakitic, Arturo Vidal and many more leave this summer. This will prove costly in the long run.

Finding a role for Antoine Griezmann– The 28-year-old is a second striker who feeds off the knock downs or the intelligent running of a physically imposing striker like Diego Costa or Olivier Giroud.

Griezmann can also play as a striker or an attacking midfielder but, his best position remains playing behind a striker. But at Barcelona, he is either played in the left or right wing and never behind the striker or as the main striker.

Koeman currently plays him the right which has proven so far to be counterproductive. Griezmann struggles at Barcelona are not of his own making but but those of his managers who refuse to build the team around him and not Messi.

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