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3 Reasons Why Everton Are Confident Of Ending Their 10 Year Wait To Beat Liverpool

When it comes to derby matches, recent form and fitness are completely through out the window. Both teams get really agitated and instantly motivated to win the game and make their fans proud.

Its a bragging right that last forever in the minds of the fans as well as players both past and present. Winning a derby match sticks forever just like the final minutes of winning a trophy or losing one.

Everton will be opitmistic of ending htat drought against a disoriented Liverpool that shipped in 7 goals agaisnt Aston VIlla.

Everton’s Plan A is similar to Aston Villa- Beating Liverpool is frankly easy now thanks to Aston Villa’s blueprint. First, the team must approach the game with power, pace and determination to close down the channels Trent Alexander and Andrew Robertson will need to provide the width for their attackers.


Secondly, the midfield must be aggressive in disposing the ball and once they do, they must quickly play it to the right hand side to exploit the spaces Trent Alexander Arnold will leave which they exposes Liverpool’s weak link- Joe Gomez.

Liverpool’s skewed defensive high line– Jurgen Klopp is a stubborn manager who will stick with his tried and tested formula. He will instruct his players to play a high defensive line against Everton but, request the midfielders be more compact.

Everton must utilize the opportunity by playing Richarlison, Alex Iwobi or James Rodriquez in the wings to stretch Liverpool’s defense and create lots of goal scoring chances.

Force Thiago Alcantara into making mistakes– Thiago might be one of the world’s best midfielders but the Spaniard is yet to get to grip with the speed and ferocity of the Premier League. He will likely be the man pulling the strings in Liverpool’s midfield, Everton must use Allan or Doucoure to suffocate him and force him to make mistakes in dangerous areas for set piece or penalties..


Once Thiago is neutralized, Liverpool will lack creativity in the middle of the park and must depend on Arnold and Robertson who maraud forward and then leave spaces behind.

But, Everton must be very cautious of Sadio Mane. The Senegalese is arguably the best left winger in the world and his speed coupled with his aggression in closing down defenders or the goalkeeper will give Liverpool a leverage in winning the game.

Jordan Pickford can’t afford to make any mistake against the Senegalese who is excellent in sniffing out fear.

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