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Trent Alexander Arnold: Once Liverpool’s Strength But Now Their Major Weakness

Martin Keown’s assertion that Trent Alexander Arnold is Liverpool’s major weakness is up for debate after the right back was culpable for five of the seven goals Liverpool conceded at Villa Park.

Arnold’s made careless decisions to maraud forward to provide the width and creativity needed to break down Vila’s defense but, attacking relentlessly meant spaces were left behind which Villa utilized to expose Joe Gomez and score not one but seven brilliant goals.

His inability to read the game properly have made Liverpool concede 13 goals in just 4 Premier matches this season.

Put it this way, Arnold is Liverpool’s chief creator and his pin point crosses is arguably the best in the world but, when it comes to defending against top attackers, he struggles for composure and goals.

Keown feels Liverpool will struggle from now to exact their dominance in games cause Arnold will always leave spaces behind which the opposition will utilize to attack. He will be the club’s major weakness and that is a problem.

But dropping Trent Alexander Arnold don’t make sense. One bad game don’t make him a bad player.

Jurgen Klopp must readjustment his game plan and ditch the high line cause Its no longer working now that Liverpool have Adrain in goal not Alisson Becker to make the late saves or build the game brilliantly from the back.

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