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Low In Quality And Boring To Watch: Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona Isn’t Worth Watching

Real Madrid and Barcelona were once the strongest clubs in Europe and most clubs wanted to join them. They had two of the finest players in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo and a ‘fit and firing Lionel Messi’.

It was like a competition between both men who tried beyond normal to outscore each other.

If Messi scores two goals against Real Sociedad today, Cristiano Ronaldo scores a hat trick against Elche tomorrow or hours later. The competition between both men was fierce and it made La Liga very interesting to watch and their respective club’s very popular.

Defeats to Real Madrid or Barcelona was a taboo back then. It instantly made headline news in all sports websites and people all over the world talked about it for weeks.

But now, no way really cares if Barcelona and Real Madrid lose 1-0 to Getefe or Cadiz respectively. They don’t really care about the upcoming clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid cause, La Liga lacks quality and the games are very boring to watch.

Why will anyone want to watch Vinicius Jr take on Gerrard Pique? Thinking about it just boring..

The Spanish league have massively dropped in star power and must now really on washed star like Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric and Lionel Messi or injury plagued players like- Eden Harzard and Ousame sell tickets, TV rights and the so-called El Clasico

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