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Mesut Ozil: The Rise And Fall Of Arsenal’s Greatest Assist Maker

September 2, 2013 was the day Arsenal made the biggest signing in the club history in over a decade. The Gunners have just signed Mesut Ozil for a club record fee €50m. The German international is a world class player and arguably one of finest creative players in the world.

Everybody was impressed with the signing except Cristiano Ronaldo who openly questioned Real Madrid’s decision to sell a player who provided him 114 assists in just two season.

Ronaldo knew Ozil had the clairvoyance and vision needed to carve open any defense and all he needed was a elite striker to finish up of the chances.

Proving that fact right, Ozil helped end Arsenal’s 9 year trophy drought by winning the FA Cup and retaining the trophy the following season. Ozil did win another FA Cup trophy but, what most fans will remember him for the record number of assists he provided.


But sadly, that unbelievable track record is been undermined by his former teammate and now manger Mikel Arteta who has chosen to permanently bench the World Cup winner without any hope of returning to the first team.

Arteta hasn’t only benched Ozil but has omitted his name in the 25-man squad to play the Europa League and the Premier League.

His massive fall from grass to grace is difficult to understand but some have tried to explain it to the confused masses and his ardent fans.

Per Mertsecker {Arsenal Academy manager} who broke the news to Ozil about his omission from both Europa League and Premier League believes his fall from ‘grace to grass’ has to do with his ‘focus’ which more centered on marriage rather than football.


While Arsenal’s greatest manager Arsene Wenger blames the evolving game which focuses more on pressing and counter attacker rather than scheming.

Teams no longer rely on a number 10 pulling the strings in midfield; it is all about winning the ball high up the pitch and counter attacking as quick as possible before the opposition reorganize.

Athleticism and physicality have completely replaced creativity and cliaryonance which has affected players like Ozil who depends heavily on his brain rather than muscles.

The game might have evolved to the detriment of Ozil but, the midfielder will always be remembered as Arsenal’s greatest assist maker and one of the finest players to ever grace the Premier league.

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