Below Average And Struggling! Why Kylian Mbappe’s Must Reconsider His Future At PSG

At 21, Kylian Mbappe has seen it all in football. He has won the biggest trophy in world football [the 2018 World Cup with France} and lost, the biggest trophy in club football {the Champions League with PSG}.

But, he has time on his side to make decisions that will either make him one of the greatest footballers in history or, just another player who knew how to run and dribbling his way towards goal.

With PSG, he has developed into of the best players in the world and his incredible physique coupled with his blistering pace, dribbling skills and goals have seen him overtake Neymar as the best player in Ligue 1.

Mbappe isn’t just better than Neymar, he is one of the top 5 attackers in the world but sadly, he is not getting the recognition he deserves due to quality of the league he plays in.

Yes! PSG and Lyon did surprise everyone by reaching the final and semi final of the Champions League but, that doesn’t mean the league has improved. Manchester United 2-1 win at Parc des Prince proves the French league is still way below the Premier League a

And that should worry Mbappe, who habours dreams of becoming the best player in the world. He has to leave PSG and join a league were winning domestic trophies are incredibly difficult and highly competitive.

Only then will his dreams of winning the Ballon d’Or or the highly revered FIFA Player of the Year be achieved.

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