Blame Klopp! Liverpool’s Defensive Crises Is A Creation of the Manager’s Blind Trust On Virgil Van Dijk’s Fitness

Jurgen Klopp’s decision not to sign a replacement for the departed Dejan lovren is now looking like a costly mistake on Liverpool side. The manager was self absorbed with the qualities of Virgil Van Dijk who enthused world class in the 85 Premier League matches he played before suffering a season ending injury.

The Dutch defender was steady and reliable and that was enough for Klopp.

So steady and reliable, Van DIjk missed just one Premier League match against {West Ham} since joining Liverpool back in 2018. He was so colossal to the Reds recent success and his durability massively helped in covering up cracks in the Liverpool back line.

It covered up Joel Matip who is hardly fit and when fit, not in form. Matip is an injury plagued defender and Liverpool can’t rely on a such player to win games talk more of titles. Klopp was aware of this but still, blindly believed Van Dijk will last the entire season.


He never asked questions like an intelligent coach would. ‘What will happen if Van Dijk was ruled out for 3 to 6 months or ever a season?

Fabinho will probably pop into his head but, watching Manchester City’ struggling with Fernandinho at the back last season, it was clear a makeshift defensive midfielder isn’t a reliable solution. They can be used for one, two or 3 games but for the entire season, it a risky proposition that will certainly backfire.

Manchester City tried it and failed last season with Fernandinho, what makes Klopp think he will succeeded with Fabinho who is now injured and Joel Matip who is never fit?

Klopp’s blind trust on Van Dijk’s indefatigable fitness remains Liverpool’s biggest problem. He believed the Dutch captain was ‘iron man and impervious to injuries’.


But today, Liverpool are forced to manage a back line with one recognizable centre back in Joe Gomez who is not even that good and also susceptible to injuries. Sadly, his partner at the back is a 19-year-old kid called Rhys Willliams who is raw and inexperienced.

The second question is What happens if Joe Gomez picks up his own usual injuries now that Fabinho is out injured? Klopp didn’t really think this through. He was so preoccupied thinking about Van Dijk iron man features and never on his centre backs.

Frankly, it will be fascinating to see how Jurgen Klopp manages his defense till the January transfer window opens.

He made the mistake of not strengthening the defense, now the fans will have to suffer for his stupid decision.

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