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World Class or Just Overhyped: Where Does Manchester United Star Marcus Rashford Really STAND

Marcus Rashford’s philanthropic initiatives are world class and deserves to praised by all and sundry. He has prove that footballers do have a role to play in the wider society and should contribute in one charity or the other to alleviate poverty.

Rashford is doing his best to eradicate homelessness and child food poverty in United KIngdom which has earned him the MBE {Member of the Order of the British Empire}.

Outside of football, Rashford is already been idolized by millions of children in UK for what he has done and still doing for them but, what about his football? Where those Rashford stand among the game’s best?

Against PSG, he should how ruthless he could be when on form. Rashford is a very fast player who can dribble past opponents in breathtaking speed before scoring or lobbing it over the keeper. HIs characteristics points towards world class but his work ethnic and self improvement don’t follow similar direction.


He posses the qualities to be one of the best player in the world but, its seems he is more contend with just remaining where he is. He doesn’t put the extra yard in improving other facets of his game like his idol his Cristiano Ronaldo did.

Ronaldo didn’t just want to score hat tricks against PSG only, he wanted to score against every other team he meets. His aim was to break records and set his own while lifting the biggest torphies with both club and country.

His mentality was accompanied by serious hard work. He once replied a journalist he asked him what his secret to success was and said: ‘Talent alone won’t get you anyway. You need to work hard to get to where you want to be’.

Such words don’t echo in Rashford’s head. He is contented with scoring a hat trick against PSG today and then losing to Liverpool or Crystal Palace in the next game.

For now, Rashford is stuck in-between. He is not a world class player neither is he over-hyped.

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