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Klopp is Vulnerable: Why Pep Guardiola Can’t Afford To Lose To Liverpool At The Etihad Stadium

Pep Guardiola is unlike other managers in the Europe. He reads in-between the lines and knows when his hold on the team is evaporating or still in tact.. He sense it at Barcelona and Bayern Munich and acted intuitively by refusing to extend his contract.

To him, the Premier League was a whole new challenge that caught Guardiola off guard in his first season. He was branded ‘Fraudiola’ by his many critics who argued intensely that his Barcelona esque style of football can’t be implemented in the Premier League cause it was faster and much more physical.

But, in just four seasons in charge of Manchester City, Guardiola have set numerous records while lifting 8 trophies including 3 consecutive Caraboa Cup trophies.

Guardiola knows maintaining that incredible achievement will be very hard to maintian especially with Liverpool reaching the standard he has set while prioritizing just two important trophies {the Premier League and the Champions League} ahead of the rest.

No doubt, Liverpool are the best team in the Premier League not Manchester City and a win in the Etihad Stadium will be disastrous cause, it will move Liverpool 8 points clear of City after 8 games.

City can’t afford to lose in a ground they’ve won 10 games and draw just once to Liverpool while 26 goals in total since Guardiola arrived.

Pep have gotten the better of Klopp at Eithad and if that changes on Sunday, Guardiola will have no other option that to walk away.

He can’t afford to lose to a Liverpool team who currently don’t have their most reliable centre back in Virgil van Dijk lining up for them. A team that have shipped in 15 goals including a 7-2 demolition by Aston Villa away from home. Defensively, Liverpool is weak and City must take advantage of that.

On Sunday, a win for City is all that matters and if that is not forthcoming, Manchester City and Pep Guardiola will have to start questioning if their relationship together is improving or digressing.

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