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Am Leaving: Why Barcelona Must Plan Live Without Lionel Messi

The writing on the wall is clear for everyone to see. Lionel Messi has reached the crux of his career at Barcelona and must now make the tough decision.

He has decide between Barcelona and his long term aspiration. Messi has to make the tough call of either staying at Barcelona who are sinking faster than a torpedo or, leave them this summer and join one of Europe’s biggest club and win a fifth Champions league before handing up his boot.

Leaving though isn’t easy. Messi and Barcelona are inseparable, the relationship is eternal.

Barcelona and Messi have witnessed many highs and lows in the game over the past 16 years. Together, they won 34 trophies including Europe’s first ever Sextuplet {the Champions League, La Liga, Copa Del Rey, UEFA Super Cup, Supercopa de Espana and FIFA Club World Cup} back in 2008.

Messi further lead Barcelona to 3 more Champions League trophies while claiming 117 individual trophies along with 6 Ballon d’Or.

History will be kind to Messi even if he decides to leave. It will remember his exceptional contribution to Barcelona’s dominance in the modern era.

Sadly, most people still stick to the past and refuse to accept that Messi no longer posses the dribbling prowess to beat 5 or 6 players in single burst due to age.

The 33-year-old now strolls through games to conserve his energy before exploding into life to find spaces for his teammates or score goals for himself.

Messi can no longer be expected to do things he did 10 years ago even though that is what Barcelona currently needs to return to the echelon of football. Its time everyone accepts that the Messi of 2008 is not the one of today.

He has depreciated and now relies heavily on his creativity and fantastic link up rather than dribbles and goals.

Without doubt, Barcelona must start planning for the future cause whether they like it or not, Messi will leave the club this summer or the next.

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