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Bragging Rights And Titles: Why Tottenham Can’t Afford To Lose To Arsenal

The derby clash between Tottentham Hotspur and Arsenal are always mind blowing. Its a game that brings out the best in every player and gets the adrenaline running without the manager or captain’s team talk.

Players hear what the fans are saying; feel their passion in the atmosphere and then bring out the best in themselves. Fans want the bragging rights therefore, the team must do all in its power to win irrespective of their league form, title aspiration or even the quality of the players.

This season though is different in Spurs case. The team is aspiring to win the Premier League title for the first tiem in 56 years.

Jose Mourinho believes achieving this fate is possible due to quality of his team who as good as those of Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal. All they’ve to do now is to maintain the consistency and rhythm and they will be champions.

Arsena thoughl will always prove to be a threat but, Spurs have the quality to dispatch them with ease. The likes of Harry Kane, Heug Min-Son and Gareth Bale have the experience, pace, skill sets and goals to decide the game.

The game can unfold in three ways and set up three ratationale.

If Spurs wins, everyone will take their title aspiration serious. A draw will bring a lot of doubts while a defeat will dent the club’s aspiration and questions will be asked about Mourinho’s management skills.

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