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7 Points Off Relegation: Is Mikel Arteta Still The Right Man For Arsenal

Would’ve seen this coming, Arsenal are languishing in the bottom half of the Premier League after just 11 tames.

How things went from terrific to embarrassing in just 3 months is mind-blowing.

Mikel Arteta’s arrival should’ve the be the start of something great. A revivalist tasked tasked with the job of getting Arsenal back to the echelon of football and rivalry the very best in the Premier League and in Europe. Arteta was expected to deliver more than just an FA Cup and a Community shield.

He is expected to get Arsenal grooving not swerving between mediocrity and average.

This season, Arsenal have lost 6 games, draw 1 and won just 4 games in 11 outings. The Gunners are 7 points from relegation, 8 points from top 4 and 11 points from table topers Tottenham Hotspur.

The damning defeat to Tottenham Hotspur clearly illustrates how bad Arsenal is despite having a talent pool of exciting youths who are incredibly good; a mixture of veterans and world class and a awesome squad depth.

Tactically, Arsenal are easy to beat and defend against. The team is in disarray and disorganized under Mikel Arteta who at the moment can’t blame anyone but himself.

He can’t blame Arsenal’s disappointing results on Pierre Emerick Aubameyang lack of form, nor can he blame it on Mesut Ozil who he stupidly ostracized form the first team for no reason at all.

Nor, can he blame it on Alexander Lacazette, Nicolas Pepe or even Thomas Partey who is beginning to look like a colossal waste of money.

Arteta should know he is at the end of the barrel and soon someone will be forced to pull the trigger.

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