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Too Big To Fall: Why Zidane Must Ensure Real Madrid Don’t Crash Out Of The Champions League

Champions League is the biggest tournament in Europe and each team that qualifies to the tournament leaves with a few millions irrespective of when they crash out of the competition.

Real Madrid on the other hand take pride in not just earning millions from the tournament, they’re the competitions must successful side in history. They’ve won a record 13 Champions League trophy and created unbelievable moments in the competition that will live forever.

But, time is changing and the mediocrity is setting in.

Los Blancos is no longer that juggernaut that crush teams in their path en-route to winning successive trophies, now, they’re an average who dependents on quality of few individuals to win games.

This few individuals {Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos, Casemiro, Thibaut and Vinicius Jr} must now step up again in the penultimate penultimate clash between Real Madrid and Borrusia Monchengladbach. They’ve to score or provide the assist to score to an avoid an early exit.

An early exit in the competition will be hugely embarrassing to the club that boast a lot about their numerous European Cups.

Dropping into the Europa League for the first time in 25 years won’t be tolerated neither will exiting the competition all together. It will demeaning the image of the club as well as affect their projected Champions League earnings.

Real Madrid at the moment need all the money they could get. They need Zinedine Zidane to go as far possible into the competition and not drop into the Europa League or even out of Europe all together.

To Real Madrid, Progress is all that matters and each game is final. A diversion of the mantra won’t be tolerated by the club’s board or fans cause, Real Madrid is too big to fall and Zidane already knows that.

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