Average Strikers: Why Liverpool Must Consider Signing Another Striker This January

Take a good look at Liverpool and the first thing you realize is that the defense is poor and vulnerable. Injuries to Van DIjk and Joe Gomez has created a vacuum to big to fill.

Those two will certainly be missed but Liverpool have managed to concede less goals {11 games in 4 goals} thanks to the outstanding contribution of Fabinho, the injury plagued Joel Matip and the two rookies- Nat Philips and Rhys Williams.

Defensively, Liverpool are ok but they major problems lies in their attack.

Attack wise, Liverpool struggling to score goals despite having a star studded attacking line up. The likes of Sadio Mane is out of form which is a problem knowing his goals were one of the basic reason Liverpool won the Premier League title last season.

Liverpool now depend hugely on Diojo Jota {currently injured} and Mohamed Salah {mostly from the spot} to score and win games.

Sadly, Jota is out for two months, leaving Mohamed Salah as the club’s only inform goal scorer. The other two- Roberto Firmino and Divock Orgi- are just bang average.

Firmino has scored 3 goals in 27 appearances and 1 in his last six games, Origi on the other hand has scored 1 goal in 36 appearance. No club aiming to win games or trophies will depend on such players.

Its easy to point fingers at Firmino’s incredible work rate and incessant pressing but, football games are won by goals alone and he is paid to score them not running around chasing shadows.

The truth to be told; People will only remember the number of games Klopp wins and titles that accompanies them.

No one will care in the next years about Firmino’s pressing or work rate if it doesn’t win Liverpool games or titles.

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